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Oil Rig Injury Lawyers

Have you been injured while working on a gas or oil barge, rig, or platform?

Maritime injury benefits under the Jones Act and general maritime law are available to workers on gas and oil barges, rigs, and platforms – including for some injuries sustained on land or aboard the service vessels servicing these work locations.

Oil and gas platform work is extremely dangerous, with many injuries occurring during transfers from service vessels to barges or platforms.

Oil and gas workers who claim maritime injury benefits under the Jones Act may add significantly to the amount of they can recover. Whereas standard workers’ compensation typically pays nothing for pain and suffering, a claim made under the Jones Act has no limit on the amount of pain and suffering damages. What you don’t know about how the law protects you in case of maritime injury can be expensive. You wouldn’t sign a contract with an inexperienced skipper. You wouldn’t want to sign on with an inexperienced maritime injury attorney.

Call or e-mail us if you have been injured at sea. We are happy to discuss your claim with you with no fees or obligations.

rescue mission.

$4.2 Million

Total settlements paid for a vessel sinking.

$3 Million

$3 million verdict for a diver working on the 520 Bridge project who sustained a permanent back injury.  

$1.8 Million

$1.8 million in total settlements paid for 8 claims in the Alaska Ranger sinking.

$1.55 Million

$1.55 million settlement for the wrongful death of a seaman by a deck hand cable.

$1.5 Million

$1.5 million verdict for a deck hand that slipped and fell.

$1.5 Million

$1.5 million settlement for a fishing vessel deckhand who slipped and fell.

$1.15 Million

$1.15 million settlement for a factory trawler worker who slipped and fell on the boat.

$1.15 Million

$1.15 million settlement for an abdomen injury occurring at sea.

$1.1 Million

$1.1 million maritime settlement (with offset) for a seaman who fell into an open fish hold, injuring his neck, back, wrist, and shoulder, requiring surgery.

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