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Do I Have a Case?

A brief, free initial telephone consultation with an Injury at Sea attorney is often enough to determine if you have a case.

If a case appears justified, we will follow up with an additional no-obligation consultation that may involve review of your medical records, contract, accident and injury story, and personal experience. This follow up may be at a location you choose, or at one of our regular locations.

The cases listed on this site are all actual maritime injury settlements obtained by us. The amounts listed do not include additional sums paid, above the amount of the settlement listed, for maintenance, medical cure, wages due, bonus, or other similar payments. Our contingency fee makes no charge for obtaining your maintenance, medical cure, wages, bonus, or other amounts currently due, as long as you are represented by us, and we typically assist you in recovering all benefits currently due, without additional charge.

There is no way to precisely predict the value of a potential claim or claims, and the value of your claim will be influenced by the experience, abilities, and representation of the attorney you choose to represent you.

You should not rely on this Website as to whether to pursue a claim or the value of your claim, if any. The value of any claim, if any, can only be established by us if we represent you, and representation is by written fee agreement only. Important legal rights can be lost by failure to timely pursue a claim or claims, and competent legal counsel should be consulted immediately at the time the possibility of a claim exists. Please see Disclaimer. 

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