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Search & Rescue: What to Do if You Are Lost at Sea

By Injury at Sea

Maritime workers have a unique set of challenges and risks in their job. They can get injured on site, get seasick, and even end up lost at sea. If a maritime worker ends up lost at sea, there are important steps they must follow to safely come back to shore and receive the justice they deserve. 

Remain Calm and Analyze the Situation

  1. If your vessel goes into unfamiliar waters, it is vital that you remain calm and assess the situation to the best of your ability. This can include looking for help, judging potential hazards, understanding what resources you have on board, and assessing if you are capable of using navigational tools to find your way back to land. 

Signal For Help

  1. Keep an eye out for land and other vessels. If there are boating vessels nearby, they should be flagged down using your voice, arms, flags, and even flares. Boaters are required by federal law to help others at sea if they are in need of assistance. 
  2. The U.S. Coast Guard has a number that you can call if you are in an emergency situation: (206) 220-7001 
  3. Use the radio to call for help. 

Conserve Resources and Wait for Help

  1. As you wait for help, it is best to conserve resources in case the rescue takes longer than expected.

Contact a Maritime Injury Lawyer

Everyone has the right to feel protected and safe at their place of work. If you are a maritime worker who has been lost at sea on the job, you may be entitled to compensation for your company’s negligence. Injury at Sea has immense experience helping maritime workers receive the justice they deserve. 

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No Fee Unless You Win

Answered Live 24/7
by a Maritime Lawyer

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